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WH Blog takes off...

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I’m Tony Gorzkowski, the Founder of White House, a company dedicated to delivering integrating solutions to every photographic and imaging challenge.

Having worked for more than four decades in this industry, I thought it was about time I poked my head out from behind the lens to give my clients and readers a glimpse of the man in White House! And, although I post on social media on a regular basis, a blog allows me an interesting forum to have a greater dialogue on topical issues affecting this dynamic industry.

Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine as well as vintage engineering, such as World War II aircraft and vintage cars; military history of old airfields, and World War I and II locations throughout the UK.

With a name like ‘Gorzkowski’ you may have guessed I am of Polish decent and have a great interest in the history of the Poles in Scotland during World War II and my father’s journey from Poland to the UK.

I left the RAF to work as an in-house photographer for a major Edinburgh architectural practice; but I was keen to branch out on my own. I set up White House in 1984 focusing on the commercial and industrial sectors and specialising in aerial photography… my passion for flying is never far away.

At the time, I was at the forefront of aerial photography in Scotland, but technology moves quickly, as do my clients’ requirements, and I have been embracing these changes throughout my career. Video editing, time lapse photography and image manipulation became standard requests and the need for integrated solutions became apparent.

More recently, as drones became more readily available and their use became more mainstream, I recognised the impact White House could make on the commercial sector and gained the necessary CAA qualification in order to complement my aerial photography specialties.

So, what can you expect from this blog? Well, I have met fascinating people over the years and have found myself in the most unexpected situations! I am also dedicated to this industry and will give you my thoughts and insights into the changes, challenges and opportunities.

Until the next time…

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